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ഇനി കൊറോണ നിങ്ങളുടെ സ്വപ്‌നങ്ങൾക്ക്  തടസമാകില്ല.. 

ഓൺലൈൻ സ്പഷ്യൽ IELTS ട്യൂഷൻ ആരംഭിക്കുന്നു 


Admission for NEW  batch is now open for integrated syllabus oriented IELTS coaching which is prepared as per the norms of Cambridge by IDP IELTS Qualifiers. 

(  എക്‌സാമിന്‌  ഉറപ്പായും വരുന്ന സ്പെഷ്യൽ സിലബസ് സഹായത്തോടെ ലക്ഷ്യം എത്തും വരെ തീവ്ര പരിശീലനം. )


Classes are lead by   10 scorers of IELTS( CLB 10 scorer). 

We do Online IELTS training by creating an online classroom atmosphere. 

 IELTS Exam Crash course : fee -  rs 10000



Duration: 30 hours 
Practice section: 50 hours 



  • Writing:5 types of essay writing
  • 5 types of reports writing or 3 types of letter writing( as per General and academic category)
  • Detailed Letter /Report and Essay feedbacks
  • 9 band essay bank
  • Mock test sessions
  • Reading:12 types of questions analysis and tips
  •  Listening:7 types of questions analysis and tips
  •  Speaking 360 topics with 120 answers
  •  one to one speaking section
  • Opportunity to communicate with foreign nationals 
  • IELTS essential grammar 




  •  IELTS Advance Cource 
  •  fee RS.15000
  • Duration: 50 hours
  • Practical section 200 hours 
  • Understanding your language level, 
  •  Writing:5 types of essay writing
  • 5 types of reports writing or 3 types of letter writing( as per General and academic category)
  • -Detailed Letter /Report and Essay feedbacks
  • -9 band essay bank
  • Mock test sessions
  •  Reading:12 types of questions analysis and tips
  •  Listening:7 types of questions analysis and tips
  •  Speaking 360 topics with 120 answers
  •  one to one speaking section
  •  Opportunity to communicate with foreign nationals 
  • IELTS essential grammar. 




 *ഇപ്പോൾ   join ചെയ്യുന്നവർക്ക്   rs 5000 ഫീസ് ഇളവ്.. 
തവണകളായി ഫീ അടക്കാം* 



 സ്കോർ  ഇനി 6/6.5 ഒള്ളൂ  ഓർത്തു വിഷമിക്കണ്ട..  8/ 8.5 plan  ചെയ്യാം.. 


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ഡിസ്‌കൗണ്ട് ലഭിക്കാൻ  ഈ form fill ചെയ്തു അയക്കുക.. അല്ലങ്കിൽ മുകളിലെ നമ്പറിൽ whats ആപ്പ് ചെയ്യുക



Face to Face (F2F) classes Vs Online

If you have taken face to face classes during your entire childhood, you may be a little apprehensive about online coaching, which is normal and understandable, especially if you are looking for IELTS Online classes and wondering how trainers would go about them? This is where the skills and aptitude of a seasoned trainer plays a vital role. At GREENWORLD we are mostly engaged in Online Training as it is extremely interesting and informative, let alone the interactive approach that makes our online classes for IELTS exceptional and unique. Gone are the days when classroom sessions were believed to be the best mode of teaching, nowadays online is the answer to banking, trading, advertising, shopping, even studying. There are many advantages to studying online which we will discuss in the ensuing paragraphs, highlighting the perks that online coaching offers a student aspiring to pursue higher studies , or perhaps those looking to migrate to another country for greener pastures.



Benefits of Online Classes

Studying online provides a plethora of benefits especially if you are opting for an asynchronous class in which you don’t have to log in at a specific time rather you have the liberty to take up the coaching at a time convenient to you, insofar as the timing synchronizes with the working hours at the respective training centre. Our IELTS online classes are a boon to those who are looking for a flexible learning schedule coupled with a conducive learning environment. Studying from the comfort of your home be it your study, bedroom, living room or perhaps your balcony, can become an awesome and enriching experience, provided you make a concerted effort to read our IELTS online study material regularly and imbibe all the information which has been systematically and methodically collated and published. Taking IELTS online coaching classes also helps avoid commuting thereby saving time, which you could otherwise spend in quality study time, perhaps at the sound of a crackling fireplace in the background, or the whisper of a summer breeze blowing through your living room. At GREENWORLD  we train our students to adapt to every situation and environment while enjoying Online IELTS classes at a time and place convenient to them.


Online Classes a Cost Saving Option

With the global economy having taken a beating over the current overbearing crisis everyone across the world is looking at cost saving methods to run their lives. The online IELTS preparation that GREENWORLD is offering is a great way to stay at home and prepare for the forthcoming exams, once the world gets back on track. Every English proficiency test requires practice and dedication and unless a person is committed to ace the exams, these tests may appear daunting and challenging. Studying online requires a person to pay the fees, receive the online IELTS study material and practice from the comfort of your home at a time convenient to you and the tutor, thereby saving energy travelling to and fro, as well as quality time. The online IELTS course provided by GREENWORLD covers all modules in detail providing strategies, tips and do’s and don’ts for each module so that test takers can emerge victorious, and realistically live their dreams.


Attributes of Online Classes

Interestingly studying online makes a person more self-disciplined and responsible, and this is obviously advantageous. It is true while considering an online IELTS exam preparation you require to be self motivated and possess good time-management skills because you will spend a lot of time on your own practicing and understanding concepts, whereas in a classroom session such stuff is repeated over and over again until you get the hang of it. This would in effect mean that though you do not have anyone physically watching you to ensure that you focus on deadlines, as a result you would become a self motivator and this trait will hold you in good stead for the future. At GREENWORLD we ensure that our online IELTS training sessions stay informative and interactive such that a student never feels the absence of his /her trainer, and at a loss for ideas and methodologies at any point during the online IELTS preparation test. Staying at home has now become the need of the hour and whichever part of the country you live, you could enroll for online IELTS classes India . our online classes to experience unique methodologies we adopt to ensure you get the desired band score!!!



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