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When the Pearson Test of English (PTE) was launched in 2009, it was the pinnacle of years of research by leading experts in language assessment across the globe, and was a pioneering objective to assess the candidates communicative skills using genuine sourced material within a complex algorithm aimed at setting a brand new standard. Ever since, PTE has come a long way and is now one among the approved language tests for both academic and migration purposes to any part of the world. It is observed that many people labor under the misapprehension that online classes may not be as effective as classroom sessions, but we at GREENWORLD beg to differ since our PTE online classes are one of a kind, and many of our students have testified. We are committed to delivering the best online PTE exam preparation to our students and ensure that they don’t appear a second time for the same test. In an Endeavour to accomplish this we go the extra mile and cover all modules in depth. In the current scenario when staying indoors is the need of the hour taking on online classes for PTE or any of the proficiency tests will be a good decision for those aspiring to go abroad, after the emerging crisis has died a natural death. At GREENWORLD we insist on a meticulous and systematic method to deliver the training, and our online PTE study material will help students understand what is required of them from day one of the course.

Think Online ….Think GREENWORLD

The resources offered to you to learn online will solely depend on the centre where you take your online program. While some centers offer conventional methods to train online, at GREENWORLD we use cutting-edge technological resources which do not require you to travel to attend classes, mock tests, or in-person discussions. Our PTE Online coaching sessions will help you pick up the nuances of the PTE exam within a short period of time, and equip you to face test day confidently. The PTE exam comprises 20 tasks categorized under the headings of Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening most of them being integrated. Under each module you would have to attempt 4 – 5 tasks in each category and our detailed PTE online preparation course will take you through all the strategies and tips which will help you on test day. While online learning could be a completely new experience for you especially if you are coming from a traditional learning background, joining our PTE online courses will help you to discover the method of making the most of the resources that you will encounter on your online learning journey!

PTE Online Learning Assessment

Similar to any other online learning program students will be tested at regular intervals throughout their study period to assess their understanding of the PTE online study material provided by GREENWORLD. For those new to the online education concept this could be intimidating, but there is no cause for concern because our dedicated and skilled trainers will ensure that the PTE online classes offered by us, are coherent and easily understood whether you are a native speaker of English or not. At GREENWORLD we give students individual assignments on a daily basis clearly indicating the topic, word count and deadline, and in the event of any ambiguity the trainers ensure that the students have clearly understood the topic, and could move onto the next module successfully. We are known for our exceptional PTE online coaching classes since we have been in the industry for over a decade and adopt methodologies that have been tried and tested to ensure that our PTE online coaching stands first among other training centers which are evidenced by our students’ testimonials.

Learning Online … A challenge or an opportunity?

Attending online PTE classes may be a challenge for a student, but our trainers are well versed with the art of replicating the face-to-face interaction and in-person discussions that classroom sessions provide. At GREENWORLD we take every challenge as an opportunity to improve our learning and development methods as we strongly believe that the success of our students is our Success. Some students may be concerned whether online coaching will provide the support and guidance they require, and we being aware of this fact work hard to ensure that students’ needs are met in all areas. Our online PTE preparation classes are the answer to many unanswered questions, thereby bridging the gap between online and classroom student support. The PTE Exam is a little different to other language exams, since it tests the science of speaking, including word / sentence stress, pronunciation, oral fluency and content. It is imperative to bear in mind that speaking with meaning is key to a good score in the PTE speaking module, rather than rattling off something to complete the task. The intricacies of the procedure in applying the right tips and strategies is what we teach at GREENWORLD once you enroll for a detailed online PTE course session.

Online Learning … The need of the hour

With years of experience in online learning and development, we at GREENWORLD adhere to the same standards of excellence as brick-and-mortar institutions, because we are fully aware that students expect virtual training to be no different than a classroom session. Only when you enroll for an online PTE training course with us, will you be able to absorb the essence of what we convey to our students throughout the training and thereafter until they reach the destination of their choice. There are a dime a dozen teaching centers offering online PTE classes India and even more perhaps on PTE online training Chennai, but if you are looking for the best coaching centre, offering exceptional online PTE classes, then you should look no further and enroll with us to enjoy our online PTE preparation test designed just for you!


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